What’s all the fuss about having a ‘smart home’?

We all hear about building or converting a house into a ‘smart home’. The term that was limited to a certain section of society is today commonly mentioned by everyone. Why? Is it because it has become a status symbol or is it due to FOMO (fear of missing out)? No, it is none of the two. Home automation makes our lives more comfortable, and this is precisely the reason why it is such a big hit.

What makes a home smart is the cutting-edge technology, which provides the homeowner with effortless connectivity and automation of everyday chores. Imagine what if all the devices in your home such as the clock, TV set, doorbell, vacuum cleaner, etc. could communicate with each other and cohesively work to automate your everyday tasks so that you can relax on your couch? Yes, that’s exactly what smart home system does, and this is no science fiction, it is the Internet of Things that is IoT.

Be it a smart door bell that informs you about your kids’ arrival at home while you are in the office or a curtain controller that opens drapes on a lazy morning without you having to get up from the bed, a home automation system can make many of your everyday tasks easier. You can do all this by just a push of a button. Today, there is a plethora of options in home automation devices and to choose amongst them can be difficult.

We suggest, make a list of chores that you really want/need to automate and then choose accordingly. Meanwhile, here are some basic home automation devices that are must-have for every house-

  1. Automated temperature controlling system – Micro-managing energy at home has been a task for every homeowner. This task has been simplified with the introduction of the thermostat. A smart home thermostat device enables you to reduce the amount of energy utilized without compromising on your home comfort. That means you can remotely adjust the heating and cooling systems of the house based on your needs.
  2. Automated security system – Security should be a high priority for every homeowner. Automating the security will help you reduce the task of checking on different systems installed to ensure complete safety. It will also allow you to get remote access on your smartphone and hence reduce risk factors. You can automatically turn on the security cameras or lights, get informed about detected motion in a particular area of your home, send an alert if there’s a security breach and more.
  3. Automated outdoor system – Is maintaining your lawns and gardens draining you every morning? Then an automated outdoor system is all you need. It will water different areas at different times as per the commands set by you. You can control this system with your smartphone.
  4. Automated system for everyday home appliances – A home is where one feels comfortable, but daily chores can hamper that sense of relaxation. An entertainment controller system can help you operate television, speakers, streaming systems, etc. from your smartphone.

You can open and close curtains from your smartphone without getting up from your bed with the help of a curtain controller. Similarly, you can automate other appliances like a vacuum cleaner, etc.

Home automation computes various house devices to provide you with information and access needed to complete tasks without much efforts. Make a list of chores you want to automate and make your ‘home sweet home’ a ‘smart n sweet home.’