Let’s understand the benefits with the help of a scenario where a customer drops by your online store, adds all the desired products to the cart, and is about to check out but then abandons the cart just because your e-commerce site doesn’t accept credit card payments. You immediately lost a sale and an opportunity to earn. That’s not all! This customer may move to your competitor’s website and shop from there! Are you willing to lose many customers and business opportunities this way? With e-commerce credit card processing, you can be sure that your customers who want to make payments through their credit cards are able to do so.

With online ecommerce credit card processing, it becomes easy for merchants to accept payments from their customers anytime and from anywhere. A customer just needs to enter basic credit card details online to be able to place an order at your online store without spending much time. If you (the merchant) set up ecommerce credit card processing solution, you can easily & safely accept payments via MasterCard, Visa, etc.

To have the payment transferred to your merchant account, however, you will need online payment gateway solutions as well. Before we talk about the payment gateways, let’s quickly discuss the benefits of ecommerce credit card processing!

  • Convenience – Can customers shop for groceries, cosmetics, apparel, and other stuff from a brick and mortar shop without stepping out of the comforts of their home? With e-commerce, however, they can shop for virtually anything and everything they need online from the convenience and safety of their homes (especially amidst the current chaos caused by the COVID-19). The greatest part is they can shop anytime they feel like shopping and that includes day, night, weekends, and weekdays.
  • Impulse shopping – Many online reports suggest impulse purchase represents about 40% of the money spent on online stores. When you give your customers an online, secure platform to pay for what they want to buy, they end up shopping more than they actually need.
  • Broaden up your market reach – An online, secure payment helps merchants connect with a broader market and reach out to a global audience. In sharp contrast, a physical establishment doesn’t allow businesses this flexibility and freedom to cater to a larger marketplace. Needless to say, an increased customer base interprets into improved sales, overall performance, and more profits.
  • Great User Experience – The ability to shop and make payments digitally definitely adds to the user experience. Choosing products, adding to the cart, and then paying in just a swipe, tap, or click – this is what modern customers want.  With PCI-DSS compliant platforms, clients can save their credit card information safely without worrying about potential frauds. This way they eliminate the need to repeatedly fill out the information each time. As a result, it improves user engagement which results in increased shopping & sales.
  • Quick Transactions – An online payment gateway is unquestionably way faster than manual payments and saves a lot of time & hassle for the customers as well as the merchants.
  • Confirmation of Payment – Merchants are notified through electronic confirmation and alerts when a customer places an order and makes a payment. As a result, merchants can track their customers’ activities.
  • Secure – PCI compliant ecommerce credit card processing with online payment gateway solutions integrated is fully secure and that instills trust and confidence among customers.
  • Facilitates Recurring Billing – With features that allow recurring billing and one-click payments, ecommerce credit card processing simplifies the entire process of buying and selling for the merchants and customers, respectively.

Who Should I Contact for Online Payment Gateway Solutions?

Payment USA is the name countless merchants nationwide count on for integrating online payment gateway solutions and ecommerce credit card processing. Contact the team of experts at Payment USA to set up your online merchant account and payment gateway solution.