Nickel Sheet produced in both grade 200 as well as grade 201 are solid solution strengthened, wrought components. These commercially pure nickel grades exhibit good mechanical properties across a wide range of temperatures. Additionally both nickel 200 and nickel 201 demonstrate excellent resistance to many corrosives. This being said, the performance of alloy 200 and Nickel 201 Plate is stellar particularly in hydroxide containing environments.

Nickel grade 201 is a modification of nickel 200, the former of which has been manufactured with a controlled carbon content. Hence Nickel Sheet produced from grade 201 has a max content of 0.02 % carbon in its alloy, which keeps the sheet from getting embrittled. Typically a lower content of carbon in nickel 201 is responsible in preventing the formation of intergranular precipitates at an elevated temperatures, which ranges between 600° F to 1400° F in many processes. In the aerospace industry, the heat produced by engines are really high. Hence, only selective materials are used in the manufacture of its components. Since both nickel grade 200 & 201 fall in this category, they are considered to be ideal for the aerospace industry.

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