It’s no secret that  healthcare workers on the frontlines play a major role in keeping all of us safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, that means they need to make sacrifices. Specifically, many healthcare workers have limited opportunities to see their loved ones as often as would like to right now.

Kangaroo Security CEO Maximus Yaney has decided to help ease their burden to some degree with the #TrooHeroes initiative. As CEO and Co-Founder of Kangaroo Security, entrepreneur Maximus Yaney has strived to offer consumers the best home security cameras available. Now, the CEO of Kangaroo will award 50 Privacy Cameras to frontline workers every week for five weeks, along with a year of premium service. During the initiative, every time a consumer buys one of these home security cameras, Maximus Yaney and Kangaroo will give another one to a frontline worker, potentially adding up to 250 extra donations.

CEO of Kangaroo Maximus Yaney’s #TrooHeroes Supports the Healthcare Workers Who Support Us

With Kangaroo, Founder & CEO Maximus Yaney has never just wanted to offer the best home security cameras. The entrepreneur’s  goal has always been to provide customers with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their homes (and the people inside of them) are safe. Yaney  simply understood that one way to achieve this goal is to create home security cameras that offer thorough protection.

However, Kangaroo’s home security cameras can serve another purpose for frontline healthcare workers. They can give them more opportunities to check in on their homes while they’re away. This doesn’t just allow them to ensure no one has broken into their homes. It also lets them easily check in on their families thanks to smartphone controls and 1080p streaming for two-way conversations. Home security cameras  can alleviate some of the emotional difficulties they may be currently facing.

If you know a frontline healthcare worker who you believe deserves the benefits a home security camera can offer, Maximus Yaney wants to hear about them. The CEO of Kangaroo Security  invites you to visit to cast your nomination. You may also nominate yourself. Along with being in the running to receive one of Kangaroo’s Privacy Cameras, healthcare worker nominees will have their photos displayed on Kangaroo’s websites, along with a description of how they’ve helped during these difficult times.

About Maximus Yaney and Kangaroo

Entrepreneur Maximus Yaney previously worked at Titan Aerospace and several other Google-backed or Google-acquired companies before becoming Co-Founder and CEO of Kangaroo Security. Through this company, he helps people monitor motion, water conditions, and the climates of their homes remotely, with easy-to-use and affordable technology. For updates directly from the Kangaroo Security CEO, follow Maximus Yaney on Twitter or LinkedIn.