App development can be a minefield full of miscellany and chicanery, such as finding the best programmer, obtaining financing, deciding on your path to monetization, not to mention what technical platform to choose. Despite all that, deciding which platform your next app should be built upon is a fundamental decision on which platform you’re going to choose.

Which Should You Develop First for Your Business: IOS or Android?

If you are thinking of developing an app for your business, you should start by thinking about what problems you can solve with the help of the software. App dev. is all about solving problems for customers. You can then connect your app to a central platform, for example Google Play Store or Apple App store, which will help you gain a huge network of users. From there, you can decide whether your app will be designed as a simple utility or a high-end entertainment product. If it turns out that one platform is not good enough for your needs, then another option will open up for you.

Advantages and disadvantages of Android

The Android platform offers an innovative environment for app programmers, in addition, it includes cost savings in dev. costs, wider distribution to a wider audience, and more user-friendliness on some devices.

The disadvantages include less stability and refinement in considered dev. practices, less control and access to features in future releases, and the potential for security vulnerabilities that may not be easily fixed. Malicious apps that steal personal information for money have recently become more prevalent in the Android Market and are a serious threat to users’ financial information and privacy.

Advantages and disadvantages of iOS

Apple is a big player in the mobile app development industry. Their apps are needed on every device – from simple phones to tablets and desktop computers.

The iOS applications have the advantage that on the one hand, they provide great ease of use and they eliminate the need for writing application programs, it brings a friendly user interface to the software which provides a practical interface to the user. This reduces the necessity of having traditional programmers work on the software and enables them to concentrate on more important aspects of their work.

But on the other hand, they create additional complexities for developers who already have a lot of apps and are not able to make use of all the advanced features that Apple provides. It also increases the development time as the software has to be customized for each device.

Comparing the App Development Costs

While the two devices may look very different, there are some key similarities that you may want to take into account when making the decision of which one to get. One of these similarities is the cost of development around them. The cost of developing an app is directly related to the complexity of the app. Both the iOS and android platforms have reached a certain level of popularity and have attracted great amounts of developers, designers, and other professionals. However, there is a huge difference between having a feature-rich and functioning app versus one that remains a viable platform but has been designed from scratch.

As a developer, with Google, developers only need to pay the initial fee of $25 to start putting their apps on the store, unlike the yearly $99 fee with Apple’s App Store.

Choosing the right web company to develop your first app

There are dozens of options, all offering slightly different features and all of them with slightly different prices. So you’ll end up spending hours reading blog posts and posts about what each product or service does before you ever get a chance to use it. This isn’t actually helping you develop your app; it’s just wasting your time. To make things easier, here are a few tips:

  1. Keep Your Expectations in Check: Many start-ups charge way too much for services they don’t need. If you’re someone who puts a high value on time and quality, be sure to consider how likely it is that you’ll in fact get the value you pay for.
  2. Also, consider if there are any free alternatives or deals you could get in place with another company or website.

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While each platform has a lot of features for developers to be productive, only one will be best for you at a given time. IOS has a greater selection of apps available in its store than Android, but the cost of building an app for IOS is higher than for Android. Additionally, if your business is more of a hobbyist type than an enterprise type (think making music videos, not businesses paying for applications), then IOS is still a good choice.