The dark web is a fascinating place for technology lovers. And if you are a technology lover, you too can’t resist but dive into the world of free-flowing internet and a secured channel of every communication. But still, how to get hedge from the gruesome happening on the dark web? There is only one way – learning. Learning is the only way by which you can understand the risks you will be opening yourself too while sailing through the dark web and also how to save yourself from those dangers. Luckily, there are several ways to learn about the dark web, such as dark web textbooks, online classes, and more. Here are some recommended ways:

1. Online Journals

Just like any other subject, computer science, and the internet to have scholarly work available that answers many questions of curious fellows like you. They are formed by trustful people that provide their experience and compile the available information sources to aware people of the different aspects of the dark web. There are authenticated answers to your queries available.

2. Online Communities

If you are a developer or hacker, this is very likely that you are an active member of trusted communities. There are chances that you will find online communities that can help you learn more about the dark web. One of the best things about online communities is the answers are given based on personal experiences and also, multiple people are answering the same question which makes it highly resourceful.

3. Dark Web Textbooks

Yes, if you are someone who loves to go in-depth in understanding things, this is going to be a real solution for you. There are amazing dark web textbooks available from authentic sources by great scholars to understand different things about the dark web, how you should safely sail it, and what you can expect while you are on it.

4. YouTube

The good old way of learning – YouTube has some amazing things to offer and if you manage to find a good mentor on YouTube, you will be extremely benefitted by their resourceful video library. However, the dark web is not something that is actively discussed, but yes, some people choose to aware of people of different aspects of the dark web.

5. Online Class

Trusted online learning platforms like LinkedIn and Udemy are available to help you safely learn about Dark Web. Since these classes are tutored by trustful and certified teachers you can trust them and learn from them how to keep yourself safe on the dark web.