The emergence of new technologies is affecting our daily life in one way or another. These days, we are far too dependent on modern technologies. It enhances and makes our lives more convenient every day. In recent years, modern technology has impacted the gaming business. It has streamlined the games and made them more enjoyable to play.

According to a forecast by Newzoo, the global games market will produce $175.8 billion in sales in 2021 and surpass $200 billion by the end of 2023. The most significant market component, mobile gaming, will account for more than half of these sales.

This is why gamers of all levels want developers to embrace new techniques and emerging technology to advance the gaming experience, bringing games closer to reality and more demanding than ever before. Here are a few technologies that are helping to pave the road for gaming’s future.

Online Play

It is more convenient for consumers to play games of their choosing when they play them online. Users can engage and play games on online entertainment platforms like as long as they have internet.. Isn’t that fascinating?

Cloud-Based Games

The way video and mobile games are made, delivered, and played have changed with the help of widespread cloud adoption and availability. As a result, the time-to-market has sped up dramatically. If a player has an online connection, they can now access new games regardless of where they are, cutting down on time to buy games, expansion packs, and add-ons.

5G Technology

By increasing the whole cloud streaming experience, 5G wireless technology will help huge multiplayer game communities. In addition, Samsung claims that 5G lag is substantially lower than 4G, with speeds of less than 10 milliseconds, decreasing packet loss and jitter and improving game performance.

AR/VR Gaming

The game experience has been fundamentally transformed by augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology. Users may have a completely immersive experience using VR technology, making it more entertaining. The game Star Wars: Battlefront VR Mission uses virtual reality technology to provide players with a realistic experience.

By giving a complete 360-degree perspective to engage users, AR technology improves the online gaming experience. For example, Pokemon Go is a tremendously popular augmented reality game with a global following.


Wearables have allowed gaming to become more portable. Wearable tech, whether they’re smartwatches or glasses, will enable consumers to access their favourite games while on the go. Wearable devices have also been integrated by betting sites and casinos to let players enjoy games on the go. Players no longer need cellphones to access games and play whenever and wherever they want with these new gadgets.


The desire for new gaming platforms and greater levels of involvement is growing, and gaming companies and businesses are taking advantage of this. The player interaction will change radically as these technological advances become more common, and a new generation of hugely multiplayer games will be introduced online, attracting new audiences. So, prepare to put your best foot forward!