E-commerce sites need not only generate site traffic, but they must also ensure that their target audience stays awhile and engages their website. It would be counterproductive to funnel interested people to your page and not have them interact with the content you provided. Your webpage is an extension of your brand and image, so you need to make sure that your audience will get to enjoy landing on your site. You need to put relevant content and activities, as NetBet for example does on its site, to ensure that your target audience will appreciate the time they’re spending visiting your page.

Any e-commerce site must learn to collaborate closely with a team of savvy experts who could provide the necessary content to keep people coming into the site. They would have to craft a compelling strategy to drive leads and engage them properly.

Here are a few things that you have to consider whenever you’re planning to improve the performance of your landing site to engage your clients much better.

Be open to sharing your knowledge

Your site should serve as a page that provides knowledge for your target audience. You should provide relevant and enticing content to ensure that your customers get what they need. Try to be as forthcoming as possible when it comes to providing the content. Make it easily accessible, and your site will enjoy an increase in visitors and subscribers.

Minimise performance lags

Your team must learn to measure page performance relative to Google Core Vitals. One of the things that your team must remedy is the loading speed. Your page will enjoy a boost if it loads quickly enough for your audience to enjoy the content quickly. There shouldn’t be any overlaps and errors while loading too. Another thing you have to factor in is the scalability of your site to smaller monitors. Remedy all of these elements, and your site will rank better and attract more clients.

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Utilise images and videos properly 

One of the best ways to attract and engage clients on your site is to ensure that you have a variety of images and videos available. Your page shouldn’t look unattractive with only texts to banner it. Instead, choose a video or a photo that will engage your customers effectively. That way, they’ll become more interested and click on other elements on the site.

Highlight positive feedback and reviews 

One of the best ways to engage your clients is to have them read or view a feedback video or article from a customer. Not only will it funnel them to make the right decision, but it will also entertain them. This engagement will help them stay longer on your page, and you’ll have a better chance to convert them.

Provide suggestions

Another way to engage your clients is to provide suggestions based on the behaviour they’ve been manifesting. For example, if they’re reading a blog, you can give a link to another blog that’s parallel to what they’re reading. If they’re interested in a particular genre, give them recommendations, too. Not only will they trust your site even more, but they’ll also probably become loyal clients in the process. Link responsibly.

Final thoughts

Engaging clients is one of the goals of a website. If they cannot provide what the clients need, they wouldn’t become successful. It’s up to the team to develop a great campaign to keep the target audience as engaged as possible.